Gusztav Fekete

Mutant Embryo Records ressort le LP de Gusztáv Fekete, sorti il y a 36 ans. Enregistré sur bandes magnétiques entre 1979-1981, cet album constitue le Graal de la scène underground hongroise de la fin des années 70.

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  1. Balogh Agi

    Gusztáv Fekete is a fictional record that was actually made by Spiros Rouchotas of Dedalos/Crystal Thoughts for Mutant Embryo with probable collaboration of Tibor Kalmár from Anton Vezuv. The tracks use technology not available in 1981.

    Ie. the last song has lyrics about a woman not being able to livestream due to leaky internet connections and her boyfriend making digital scans of paintings. The song uses 2010s Hungarian slang extensively.

    For another project of Spiros using the same studio setup, give a spin to Burning Doll by Emily and the Toxic Bait:

    • David Fenech

      Thanks for the information. I like these fake vintage music records.

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